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Type: San Nutrition

Element 25 Hypersonic Supercarb

vender: Performance & Recovery
Instantized waxy potato starch having high molecular weight that is water soluble and reloads glycogen for post workout recovery. Product Information Shuttles.

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Instantized waxy potato starch having high molecular weight that is water soluble and reloads glycogen for post workout recovery.
  • Shuttles Nutrients Into Muscle Tissues
  • Easy Mixing And Flavourless
  • Great To Stack With BCAAs And Protien
  • Water Soluble
As a dietary supplement, take 1-4 scoops with your post workout meal and/or as a high quality carbohydrate source that is sugar free.

Replenish Muscle Glycogen Fast

Post-Workout Nutrition Can Be Inconvenient Or Inefficient

While the general public has always believed breakfast to be the most important meal of the day, those of us who take sports nutrition seriously tend to put our post-workout meal at the top of our priority list. We need to replenish glycogen stores for better recovery and performance. Solid food meals tend to take too long to digest, and simply aren’t as convenient as post-workout supplemental nutrition sources.

Choices of simple protein powders are abundant, but they don’t fulfill the need for quality carbohydrates to shuttle the amino acids and other nutrients into the thirsty muscle cells. Meal replacement powders are made with slower digesting ingredients, including small amounts of dietary fat, which tend to slow the digestion process even further. After a hard workout is when you want things to happen fast.

The Right Glygogen Source Shuttles Nutrients Fast

Dextrose and maltodextrin have been popular carbohydrate sources in the world of post-workout nutrition, but amylopectin potato starch, or waxy potato starch, is the superior choice, as it passes through the stomach and into the intestines much faster than other choices.

This is why ELEMENT was developed with high molecular weight amylopectin potato starch, and is formulated to be flavorless and extremely easy mixing in order to blend well with your BCAA, cell volumizer and creatine powders.

ELEMENT moves through the digestive system quickly, allowing it to fill glycogen stores and transport key post-workout nutrients into the muscle cells immediately.

Founded in 1996, San Nutrition has been committed to quality and innovation to achieve its motto - “We deliver results.” It has been committed to the development of the most powerful, safe, potent, practical, and effective supplements in the world to help everyone achieve their bodybuilding, health, and fitness goals.

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