Registered Product Verification Process

What is

GAP stands for Guaranteed Authentic Product. takes full responsibility for the authenticity of every product delivered to you once you place an order on

At your health and performance is of paramount importance. There’s a reason why performance nutrition is called supplements. It supplements your performance and henceforth your goals.

We believe after all the efforts and rigorous amount of training, nothing should come in between you and your goals.

In 2015 a study done by ASSOCHAM (The Associated Chambers of Commerce of India) and business consulting firm RNCOS revealed that 60-70% of dietary supplements are fake, counterfeit, unregistered and unapproved.
- India Times

Product Acqsition

TechAspire Private Limited the owner of acquires dietary supplements in one or combination of more than one of the following formats:

Import inventory from Brand headquarters. (Import Export Licence Details)

Buy inventory from Authorised Importers of Branded Products.

Use inventory of Authorised Dealers through drop-ship method (i). follows a multi-dimensional Product Authenticity and RPV (Registered Product Verification Process) including FSSAI compliance.


We diligently research for Brands that are market leaders in different parts of the world. This process is followed by a due diligence process to check for the following:

Country of Origin, Country of Manufacturing, Registered office, Areas of Operations.

FDA (USA) approval or and disclaimers.

Registered office in India / Authorised Importer in India / both.

In case of Authorised Importer we verify their Importer Licence and other public disclaimers and non-discretions.

We also verify with the Brand owners headquartered overseas for the authenticity of exclusive relationship shared with Indian importer.

FSSAI compliance

All the product listed on are FSSAI approved.

All the product listed on are listed as per FSSAI guidelines including Nutritional Facts and Product Disclaimers.

RPV (Registered Product Verification Process)

Our RPV system is integrated with the Global Product Verification Process issued by Brands itself.

Every product you receive from can be verified as a RPV approved product on through UPC (Unique Product Code) found on the container or brand packaging of the product you receive. You can use the same code for verification by directly contacting the listed Brand through Call or Email.

Product Warehousing

All the products are stored and packed at warehouse/s that follow strict storage guidelines given by Manufacturers before being delivered to you.

Pictures of warehouses/list of warehouses/names of vendors

Product Distribution and Delivery

We only work with leading logistic solution companies with proven track record of delivering consumable products. We give our users full tracking control with in as well as AWB number that can be used to track delivery progress from the system of respective Logistic company.

Name and link of logistic companies and their website.

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