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MuscleTech and Optimum Nutrition are two popular brands of bodybuilding supplements, weight loss supplements and protein and weight gain powders. Both companies offer a series of products to help you in gaining muscle mass, weight, and energy. The products of both brands have earned a good reputation among their users. Today we will discuss some key features of these brands and their respective products.

This nutritional supplement manufacturer offers a series of nutrition supplements which includes:

  • Performance series – this category contains single protein supplements like Casein, Whey, Milk and Beef protein. Blends and Protein bar are also present in this category. Products from this series help you in building lean muscle mass. This series also includes pre-workout, post-workout and recovery supplements to enhance your performance by increasing your focus. Moreover, the weight loss supplements promote fat loss and provide energy for whole day.
  • Pro series – this series is focused on athletes and other sportsperson nutrient requirement. The product in this range delivers essential nutrients for the general health of the athletes. A daily dose of this series consists of several vitamins, minerals, amino acids, phytonutrients, antioxidants, digestive enzymes, and herbs. These products boost strength by many folds improves endurance and fulfill the electrolyte requirement of the body.
  • Essential Series – Products of this series are Platinum BCAA, Platinum creatine, and Platinum Pure CLA Powder. These products are popular for building lean muscle mass, provide anti-catabolic support, mixes instantly without leaving any aftertaste.
  • SX-7 series – this series contains the most advanced super extreme formula for boosting energy level, increase mental focus and improves stamina. Some of the products are teamed with probiotic to resolve digestive issues and promote weight loss.
  • Premium series – premium mass gainer is the sole product of this series which offers high quantity and premium quality calories. It builds muscle mass, speeds up recovery and thus increases the strength of the user.
  • Mission 1 Baked Protein Bar – this premium protein provides 21 grams of protein and 15 gram of fiber with a premium taste. It doesn’t contain artificial colors, flavors or inferior protein sources like gelatin, collagen or zero rice syrup.


Optimum Nutrition
Let’s have a look at the shelf of Optimum Nutrition. It has categorized its products into three categories:

  • Protein products – this category contains single proteins like Whey, Casein, Soy, egg and blended form of proteins. These proteins help in reducing appetite, faster recovery and building muscle mass after the workout.
  • Strength and recovery – this category consist of supplements for pre-workout, post workout, amino acids, creatine, weight gain and it also includes specialty items to recover strength and increase endurance during the workout.
  • Health and wellness – this category consists of diet products, specialty items and multi vitamins in form of bars, powders, capsules, tablets, and soft gels. 


When we compare the line of different products by the two brands we found that:

Apart from various single proteins MuscleTech also offers 100 percent beef protein.
Optimum Nutrition offers amino acids in single and combination formulas.
MuscleTech offers unique products like phosphatidic acid and BetaTOR for muscle growth, endurance and strength in addition to amino acids supplements and creatine products.
Optimum Nutrition offers 3 weight loss supplements while MuscleTech offers a variety of weight loss products which contain vitamin and herbs.
As a smart and conscious consumer, you must know that FDA (Food and Drug Administration) of U.S. doesn’t test dietary supplements; therefore, many manufacturers can make false claims. You must save yourself from such misleading product promotions and must take advice from your health instructor or doctor before purchasing any supplement for yourself.

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