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In one simple line: is India’s first end to end digital health & fitness hub.

But it’s much more than that. So let’s start from the beginning.

We don’t see fitness as an industry or an activity. We don’t see fitness as lifestyle or a way of life. It’s a phenomenon just like music, it has many disciplines and we experiment with different ways to do it. We prefer different ways to indulge in it and at the end, we feel high. That’s not an industry that’s a culture.

And we see a cultural revolution of this sort happening online fitness in India and we aspire to be leading participants in it.

So why

We divide our operations into 3 Parts: Knowledge Base // Performance Nutrition // Sports Fashion

With dedicated enthusiasts in each department, we aspire to be a digital hub wherein anyone and everyone finds something that takes them a step further in their own journey of a fit and healthy life.

Whether you are someone who doesn't know where to start or someone who is confused what protein type to consume. Or maybe someone who wants to revamp your gears and attires for pro-performance. We believe that there’s a start or restart or evolution for everyone.

Our philosophy

‘u.begins here’ is all about acknowledging and celebrating an essential pillar of modern human life. Individualism.

Our don’ts 

  • We do not engage in/support body-shaming. We don’t believe it’s funny. Every body is beautiful if it’s healthy. Athleticism over Aesthetics is at a center of our philosophy.

  • We do not support consumption of performance enhancers that are illegal or have known to have an adverse effect on the body. We believe Health and Fitness are for life and not a terminal goal for achievement.

  • We do not engage in/support or list off-market/black market, non-registered, unverified products. We do not list products from inventory holders that have the history of engaging in such activities. We have a due diligence process that ensures every product you receive is authentic and in its best form to consume.


About The Author Team

We as a Sixpacks team are here to eliminate every FENCE- Mental, Physical, or Emotional- that holds you back from becoming your BEST SELF! We are your ROADMAP TO FITNESS.

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