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Amazingly, we have become a part of an era which believes in staying fit, but the food is the weakness for every foodie out there. Some of us have joined the gym so that we can eat more. But always remember, Muscles are torn in the gym, fed in the kitchen and built in the bed. So make sure to eat right and sleep well to get that perfect physique and stay fit.

It is really easy to be fit while enjoying the delicacies. All you need is to swap the food with the healthier options. Your first step is to avoid the foods high in calories, fat, salt and sugar and swap them for something healthier including fruits and vegetables. Small changes can make a big difference to your Diet and Fitness.

Want to be a fit foodie? Here are some tips that can help you maintain your fitness while being a foodie.

1. Have a Protein rich breakfast.

Always have a nutritious and healthy breakfast. Be aware that the king-size breakfast doesn’t mean you should indulge in ghee soaked parathas. Swap the coffee with tea and replace the granola with egg because research says that people who consume high protein breakfast every day have lost the weight 80% faster. Protein is necessary to build muscle fast and recover your damaged muscles due to a strenuous workout.

Oatmeals, omelets, multigrain bread, fresh fruit juice, greek yogurt, sprouts, are some of the things you can include in breakfast.

Burning loads of calories in the morning exercises with cardio requires a perfect intake of calories. Keep in mind that workouts do require perfect diet plans. You need to have something in yourself to get it burnt, so better start a day with a propummy (proper + yummy) meal.

2. Have a punch of an immensely delicious lunch!

Lunch is again a hard nut to crack!

As said before, every workout has a specific diet plan associated with it. Try not breaking it, but also try not to forget that you are a human when it comes to eating.

Opt for the grilled food instead of fried food and include salads in your diet. Having salads before a meal will help you make fuller and you will end up eating less. Check the proportion of food you eat. Include grilled fish, chicken, veggies and brown rice in your meal.

If you are into a specific profession, spare five minutes to take a walk around your office. Nobody can bother you to at least roam around at the break hours. A regular movement i.e. a walk can help you a lot when it comes to staying active.

When in a business, it’s always your court, so try making the best out of it.

Enhance your endurance by either running/swimming/rope-jumping and many other cardio exercises. This will help you gain the stability and stamina, gain agility, make your body lean and will help you digest your food quickly.

3. Try not to quit the pre-dinner snacks, you need them in stacks…

Pre-dinner snacks are always a good deal for a healthy body. They prevent the body to take more calories during the dinner. Dry fruits, fruits, peanut bar, dark chocolate are the best option for snacks.

This will provide you with the protein and nutrients body require as well as it will satisfy your craving for food making you feel full.

4. The dinner – a yummy soup in an elegant coupe!

The dinner can lure you, but you are smart! Smart enough to go and grab the neck of your chicken lollipop and bite it as it’s your last supper. DO NOT DO THAT. Be stupid, avoiding the kind of smartness that I just portrayed in the previous line.

Make it go light. You are a foodie, a nerd, never forget it. Give your tummy, a break from having something yummy. Soups and salads are the best options you can include in dinner. Sleep tight, wake up in an early light, exercise and sweat slight, spend your day in delight...

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