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Fun is in the process. But we are obsessed with the goals. 
Why exercising does not become a consistent habit. Why do we tend to stop? 

Most of us are already aware that working out regularly has n number of benefits. From feeling positive about ourselves and our lives to decrease the chances of getting Diabetes or for that matter even neurological conditions like Alzheimer's working out regularly is touted as the most effective habit of living a healthy and purposeful life. 


And since most of are already aware we start working out. We set a goal of losing x amount of kgs in y amount of months and voila we are on. We enroll in a gym or tag along with a friend for cycling. But it happens and it happens to all of us, for some unavoidable reason we stop for a day or two then the comfort of not working out becomes a better choice over pushing ourselves on a machine in the gym. We stop caring about the goal and days extend into weeks and then months. And then till the next motivation, the next target goal is set to start again hits we just stop. 
Why do we do this even after knowing all the pros of working out and cons of not working out? We do we defeat our own aspirations of living a good life. 
One of the main reason identified for this behavior by researchers is we focus too much on the end result. 
As old and as cliche it may sound nothing has been truer for working out or exercising or even life in general than the statement: 

‘Fun is in the journey and not the destination.’

We tend to create goals with a certain leap of faith. We underestimate the role that procrastination and laziness will play while waking up in the morning. We start ‘giving in’ to the everyday chaos and as achieving larger goal becomes more and more difficult we become overwhelmed with the sense of failure creating a self-defeating spiral of behavior.
Numerous research has shown that people who enjoy the everyday routine of working out are more likely to stay consistent and achieve the desired results compared to people who put more emphasis on achievement of the goal. 
What does this mean?
So let’s ask us what matter more. The goal to have a shredded lean body or an hour of working out every day. Now on the face of it, the later doesn’t sound like something of the highest matter. If anything it just sounds boring. But it’s not and it’s about the perspective. 
Any form of workout can be a lot of fun. If you will ask any achievers or people who have been at it consistently for year that what drives them to continue every day. They will have one simple answer ‘they just love it’. And here are the following reasons how this can be true for you as well.

Pick a discipline of your liking and not what’s trending: So going to a gym surrounded by iron and grunts of builders might not be your thing. Maybe running between the trees on uneven surfaces might just be the thing that will move the insides of you 

The system over Goals: Goal acts as a guiding principle to your plan. Now your plan has to have a system. And this system matters more than the goal itself. Forget about setting goals to focus on this instead by James Clear. And coaches, business leaders, project managers and pro-athletes all over the world are finding a difference in their performance and output with this thought. The system includes daily milestones which are equal to daily challenges. Achieving those challenges on daily basis will be followed by rewards. And this will keep us going a day on day. 

An hour of me time: This one or more hour your daily routine is for you. In a chaotic life routine amongst family and work colleague and WhatsApp and Facebook, this is one hour that you steal for yourself. And live all of it. You can perform, you can achieve and all the while you can be with yourself introspecting and being mindful.
And as you start you’ll find fun in little details. All in all this one hour should become something that you look forward to every day. Just like the way you look forward to weekends.

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