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RememberEvery PRO was once an Amateur and every master was once a beginner. Consistency and dedication are what it demands.

When you start your fitness journey, make sure to start it right. Training, nutrition, and supplementation go hand in hand. These three elements can either make you or break you. So make sure you begin with the right knowledge of each to gain maximum results.

When it comes to fitness, we all have heard the role and importance of supplements in maximizing nutrition and growing strong. But being into the fitness industry since long, I have seen the common confusion of every beginner for how to start? Which supplements to take? How to take? And Where to get?

This article is intended to provide the proper guidance of supplements which every beginner should stack on while sailing on a tremendous and rewarding journey of fitness.

Whey Protein
Whey Protein is the one basic supplement every fitness enthusiast needs regardless of experience. Being a beginner, you need to recover quickly from your workout so you can get back to training the next day. Whey protein is the fast-digesting protein which gets into the bloodstream quickly and gets the rebuilding process started. The more quickly you recover, the more actively you can perform. Research shows that whey protein when ingested immediately after your workout increases physical performance, lean body mass, training session recovery, muscle hypertrophy, and overall strength (1).

Dosage: 30 grams of whey protein post-workout for the maximum results

Branched Chain Amino Acids(BCAA) is a chain of three essential amino called Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine. When you are new to training, you will be running out of energy. Supplementing with BCAA during the training session will reduce the muscle breakdown and increases the energy to perform prolonged training without feeling fatigue. Amino acids also increase muscle protein synthesis and promote recovery. Apart from this, it is also beneficial for skinny beginners looking for gaining muscle mass as BCAA increases the appetite so you can consume the amount of energy you need to grow.

Dosage: 3-6 grams during exercise

When you start working out, you lose certain vitamins and minerals from your body. These vitamins and minerals are necessary for recovery and proper functioning of the overall body. You don’t get enough minerals and vitamins from natural food and so you need multivitamins to restore the lost micronutrients. Multivitamins will make sure that you are in surplus of what you need and have enough energy level to sustain. Take it twice a day with your meals so that you can never get micronutrient deficiency.

Carbs always have a bad reputation among most of us. People have the misconception that carbs will make them fat. But the truth is carbs are the primary source of energy which you require during the training sessions.
When you are a beginner, you will need more energy to perform the exercise. This energy comes from glycogen stores found in your muscles. After the workout, you will need carbohydrates to refuel these lost glycogen stores. Carbohydrate supplements such as waxy maize provide the fast-digesting carbs that replace the lost glycogen stores and regulates the insulin level. So it is the best supplement to fuel your tank immediately after the workout sessions to maintain the energy levels of your body.

Beginners need more focus and energy to perform the exercise with proper form and technique. Lack of concentration or alertness can lead to countless injuries. Exercise demand mind and muscle coordination to perform well and earn results. Caffeine is the best pre-workoutsupplement one can get for increased alertness and focus required for enhancing performance.
Caffeine enters the bloodstream within 60 minutes of intake. So make sure you supp with this pre-workout 60 minutes before you kick-start your training session.

Dosage: 200-300 mg per day 40-60 minutes before workout.

Remember- Supplements are made to supplement your nutrition and workout regime. Make sure you combine the balanced nutrition, training, and supplements for the maximum results.

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